The company is equipped with internationally advanced Germany Ipsen multi-purpose furnace production line, vacuum quenching furnace and well-type gas protection furnace, which can meet technological requirements for various heat treatment processes. Our company is mainly engaged in cemented quenching, vacuum quenching, normalizing, and high-and-medium-frequency hardening and tempering, which can meet requirements for performance of various precision parts and precision molds.

Atmosphere furnace
Brand: Ipsen (Germany)
Processing range: 1110*700*600mm
Main purpose: quenching, cemented quenching, super-carb, nicarbing, carbonitriding, annealing and normalizing
Operating temperature: 750-1000°C
Charge batch: 1000kg

Vacuum furnace
Brand: Huarui
Processing range: 950*550*550mm
Main purpose: quenching (oil quenching/gas quenching), annealing
Operating temperature: 1320°C
Charge batch: 400kg

High-frequency Quenching Equipment
Brand: Hongchuang
Purpose: surface quenching and annealing
Operating temperature: 1200℃