The Company Is Current Equipped With Hundreds of Advanced Production Equipment, Which Are Mainly As Follows:

● CNC machining center (four-shaft/five-shaft), Haas , Doosan , Mazak , etc , total 114 sets;
● Turn-mill combination center (power shaft), Mazak , Hardinge , etc , total 28 sets;
● Precise digital-controlled machine tools, Tsugami , Star , etc ,total 27 sets;
● Automatic lathe, 14 sets (Mingyang).

CNC Machining Centers
Brands: Haas (USA)/Doosan (South Korea)/Hodao (China)/Mazak (Japan)
Stroke (X*Y*Z): 920*520*500mm
Speed of main-shaft: 12000r/min
Tool magazine capacity: 30 cutting tools
Positioning accuracy: ±0.005mm
Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.002mm

CNC Lathes & Precise Digital-controlled Machine Tools
Brands: Mazak (Japan)/Tsugami (Japan)/Star (Japan)
Outer diameter machining: <300mm
Speed of main-shaft: 6000r/min
Number of cutting tools: 8~24 cutting tools