Del Muerto Beach

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Place Category: Beaches and Cruising

  • Gay Nudist Beach – This beach is a very popular nudist gay beach in Sitges. High season brings a lot of good looking men of all body types, ages and ethnicity.

    Some great looking men don’t get naked, but they are still very good to look at. Just ignore the ones that should not be naked and you will have a great time.

    The water is very good for swimming and despite the remote location, it is worth going there. A little store is very conveniently located close to the beach where you can buy drinks and something to munch on.

    If you feel like cruising the area, you can go to the other side of the train tracks in the woods.

    As most of the beaches in Sitges, this beach get very crowded late afternoon, usually in the summer.

    *Walk a lot and kind of hard to find this beach so make sure you ask for directions before you go there.


    You will need to find the pathway that starts on the south edge of town by L’Atlántida disco. Head up and down the paths thru some steep and rocky mountains. Some good hiking shoes or boots are best for this long walk.

    It may take hours if you walk from the town center so be prepared if you do so. Just remember to prepare for the way there and back. The pathway maybe dark on your way back so plan ahead.