Gay Crimes in Sitges?

Even though the police forces are very good in Sitges, we all have to be careful when we go out at night in Sitges.

Muggers in Sitges usually work in two or three together.  They will come up to you and hug you while their hands are in your pockets.  They are after money and smartphones.

If you are going to hug someone on the streets, make sure you know who they are.  I know we want to feel attractive and if a bunch of guys want to hug you, you will probably hug them. Just be careful and know the risks.


Unfortunately,  the principal gay area in town is where the most muggings occured last year.   Parrellades, along Calle Bonaire,  Calle San Bonaventura.  They pray on drunk tourists so be very careful and aware.

This happens all over Spain, so it is not only Sitges.

Here are some emergency numbers in Sitges you may want to write down:

Police (to report an assault or robbery)…….902 102 112
Police:  062
Emergencies:  112
Ambulance:  061


Latest Update:

March 14, 2017:    In an article by Pablo Yague, he states that a young gay man was attacked during the Carnival 2017 in Sitges, when he was dancing and dressed as a female ballerina.  This is the 3rd type of incident in Barcelona area this year.  It is not very common for this to happen, however, be street smart when you are walking alone.  Specially when you see a group of 2 or 3 men together coming your way.