Sitges Gay French Riviera!

On the Mediterranean coast we find a beautiful town called Sitges. Only 30 minutes south from Barcelona airport and very easily accessible by car or by train.   This wonderful town is surrounded by the Garraf’s Mountains and produces a microclimate that allows Sitges to have an excellent weather all year round.  What does this mean?  it means that no matter how bad the weather in Barcelona is, Sitges could be sunny and very nice.  For this reason and for its beauty, Sitges is also called Sitges Gay French Riviera or “The Spanish French Riviera.”This popular town has a lot of events such as:

– The Sitges International Film Festival
– Local Festivities
– Theater Festivals
– Vintage
– Gay Pride
– Carnival
– Concerts and much more…

Sitges is very cultural and very artistic. The night clubs are fun and people are very friendly.  Bartenders are known for their welcome to our club shot of alcohol.  They make you feel happy and very welcome.  The sidewalk by the beaches are wide, long and a good way to keep in shape either by running or walking from one end to the other. You will get motivated by seeing all the runners and people exercising by the side walk throughout the day.


Nov-Apr: 8-12 °C, May-Oct: 13-24 °C,


Population: 28,171 (2014) Instituto Nacional de Estadística.


Catalan, Spanish, English